• A new team!

    A month has passed since the new team members joined Small Size Holland. A lot has happened during the first month, from a photoshoot to Maxon’s Eat & Meet. This article will summarize the first month of the new team at SSH. Meeting with RoboTeamTwente Both a visit of RoboTeamTwente to SSH as the other way around has taken place. Since both teams compete in the Small Size League of RoboCup, the teams can learn from each other.
  • Qualification RoboCup

    Last week the Robocup team of Saxion and Windesheim qualified for the world cup in Nagoya, Japan which will be in July of 2017. After months of hard work the team sent a qualification video which shows that the robots are capable of driving autonomously. The qualification ensures that the robots who compete at the world cup have potential to play games at a high level. The Route to Japan Qualification means that Small Size Holland is allowed to compete in the world championship.
  • International visitors

    Friday, March 10th, ten students of the international transition class at Stedelijk Lyceum in Enschede visited SSH. Here, they got involved with robotics and the RoboCup. Together with several team members they visited the Saxion LEGO Education Innovation studio for a hands-on robotics workshop. After the workshop the students toured the lab where the team is busy developing the robots. International transition class The international transition class is a group of students aged between 12 and 18 who have moved to the Netherlands recently, some of them coming from troubled areas around the world.
  • Generation 4

    During the spring of 2016, we realized that the Gen3 robots had issues driving straight, due to the wheels having different angles to one another. We decided to use the same angles between the wheels. The main reasons for this were the ease of controlling a robot and a higher speed in all directions. This meant there was less space for the dribbler/chip/kick module. Also there wouldn’t be enough space to fit the current solenoids in with the current wheel module.